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Mickel Historic was established in 2020 when COVID – 19 gave us all valuable time to reflect on life. This time relighted John Mickel’s passion of Classic and Historic cars that his father passed on many years ago and so Mickel Historic was born.

John has a love for all motor vehicles and has been heavily engaged in them since the age of 10 when he learnt how to build his own stock car while assisting his father in restoring his beloved classic car collection. John understands how easy it is to feel passionate about a vehicle and he feels it is important to respect every vehicle, understanding the owner/vehicle relationship to ensure a fabulous outcome for all involved.

John is Director of Mickel Motorsport Limited, a very successful race team based in Horsham UK. He has focussed much of his time to winning Championships and creating a victorious race team. His knowledge and experience is exceptional in race preparation as well as mechanics, restorations, rebuilds and much more.

“Working with Historic or Classic cars is a privilege for me. If I combine this with racing it becomes a dream come true.”

Mickel Historic fully appreciates that people are passionate about their cars and we want to forge a long term relationship to support you throughout your ownership regardless of what level you want your passion to take you, be it a Sunday drive or to the podium on the race track.


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